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Increase in Traffic can Drive you More Business

Not Roadways Traffic! But a Website Traffic!

It is not going to matter what you offer, either product or service. For the better online visibility of your business you need to have website. Website hugely acts as a Genuine Lead Generation Tool for your Business. Website helps in brand awareness for your services or products. Irrespective of business, the online presence is most important. Having website alone will not help to improve your business, but generating more visitors and converting them in to clients or customers will help in your business improvement. Certain ways to improve your business online is as follows:

Role of SEO – Search Engine Optimization:

A source from which a website gets more number of traffic is through Search Engines. The way you optimize your website for search engine is more important. Better optimized website will get more search engine presence than the website without any optimization. Hence optimizing your website is vital in getting more online presence as the search engines are the major resource in getting traffic to your website.

Few things need to be right in Search Engine Point of View:

Keyword Research – Do your keyword research. Understand your business and look for the synonyms through which user find your website through search engines.

Title and Meta Tags – ensure that you write keyword rich and informative title and Meta description. This will be the point at which your user will decide whether to visit your website or not.

Content – Write keyword rich content and also providing good information about your service or product. Your keyword should be highly relevant to your business and your content should be highly relevant to your keyword.

Build your Links – search engine will give preference to the website which has good number of quality inbound links. Inbound links are links which sends traffic to your website.

Role of SEM – Search Engine Marketing:

Search Engine Marketing, marketing or advertising your website in search engines. SEM is one of the effective techniques to improve business through generating more leads for your business. SEM is also considered as the leading internet marketing technique that will boost your presence in Search engines and also to bring more business. Advertising in search engines will also help to improve your ROI of your business.

Adwords Campaign – Adwords campaign is an Internet advertising model provided by Google used on websites. It is an effective campaign which website owners used to generate more business through Google. Here advertisers pay Google only when their ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market that also give you more business and to increase their ROI.


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Landing Page Optimization for Organic Search Result

The landing should be just as interesting as to hook the reader or prompt him to act further to become a potential customer. This page, known as the landing page, should be well-managed and optimized to help users get the exact information.

  1. Landing Page format – Need to be an HTML Page to make it more search engine friendly
  2. Landing page Design – need to ensure about what the landing page is all for. Need to identify the users who are need of this particular service
    1. Design of the landing page should be Simple, Crisp, and Direct
    2. Should make sure that the user have got what they have wanted
    3. Content should be highly relevant to the page URL, Title and Description
    4. Value-Added Information – we need to make the user feels that reading the content is really useful and highly relevant to what he/she search for. This is to bring in Returning users for the website
    5. Graphics should be minimum and need more information on these landing pages
    6. Need to ensure that there is some user activity involved in the landing page for ex. Filling up a form, Clicking on the apply button etc.
  3. Keyword research – What phrases are your target candidates typing in Google to find the service we offer?
    1. Need to perform an Intensive or deep keyword research to identify the those “exact phrases” are used in the search engines to find our service
    2. Should split those keyword in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary of needed
    3. The results of this research will create the road map for the rest of our campaign
    4. Finally having set of keywords for that particular page for optimization. We can target from 3-4 Keywords for a single web page.
  4. Landing Page Copy/Content – “Content is King” – content acts a major source to get our page ranked on top of the search engines.
    1. Need to write landing page content that are highly relevant to URL and Title and Description
    2. Content should be optimized with the keywords or a key phrase that has been selected during the keyword research
    3. In other words the content should be keyword targeted or optimized to get achieve rankings in the search engines
    4. Each landing page is catered to a particular keyword or key phrase. Should not target one keyword for two landing pages
    5. Need to ensure that the content is written with the good keyword density
  5. Internal Links – Need to place some internal links for the keywords has been targeted in a particular page
    1. We should see some connection if we are placing internal links in a landing page
    2. Internal link can be given to the home page or to some other pages of the website
  6. Title and Meta Tag Optimization –  need to optimize the title and meta tags(description and keywords) with the keywords selected during the keyword research
    1. Title should be written relevant to the content.
    2. Should make the user understand what the page is all about with the title and as well as the description
  7. Image Optimization – placing relevant images to the content and optimizing the same with the keywords
    1. Placing keywords in the Alt Text for all the images
    2. This is to increase the Keyword density for the particular pages
  8. Keyword Density and Prominence – need to ensure that the keyword density and prominence has been maintained throughout the page
    1. Density is repeating the keywords/content
    2. Prominence is placing the major or most relevant keyword at the top most position of the website like in H1, Title, and Description etc.

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