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Simple SEO Tips for any Website

  1. Become an Expert
  2. Be expert in whatever you do in SEO. Make the people looking for you with your skills in SEO.

  3. Plan Your Site
  4. Make your website user friendly and search engine Compact. It makes the Search Engine crawl your website in effective manner. Placing an XML site map is more important factor in SEO.

  5. Do your Research
  6. Do competitor analysis and research to make your website better than others.

  7. Use Combination of Keywords
  8. Content is king for any website and Content with the better keywords is more effective in SEO. Analyze the keywords for website; think how the user will search for your website. Use the good combination of keywords for your website to get the Web traffic.

  9. Keep Adding Content
  10. Keep change or improving your website content for the effective and consistent ranking in the search engines.


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