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New Look Google – Trying to Make Things Easy for the User

Billions of websites are hosted in WWW everyday and there has been ‘N’ Number of updates and changes being made in these websites.  People around the world do not care about these changes and update that has been made in these Billions of websites.

New Look Google:

But, whenever there is any change or update made in Google, it has always been talked or discussed heavily around the world. Google has made such an impact on online marketing or promoting your business through online. Google considered being the No.1 Search engine in the world has been the main source for people around the world to get the information they have wanted.

Here is the new home page design from Google. Below picture shows all the changes they have made in their design. They have tried to change the appeal of Google for better user experience.

Google Search Result Page:

Google have also made some changes in the Google Search Result page, where it provides the sidebar to access other type of results easily. It minimizes the time to search for particular results. It also provides some search tips at the footer. There is something new called “Search within Results”, using that a user can search for information from previously searched results. Below are screen shots explaining all the changes.

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These changes are visible for all the users now.



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