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HR/Career Website SEO Process

There are three primary goals of any HR Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign:

1. Increase Career Site Visitors

2. Increase Job Applications

3. Increase your Recruiting Brand

The 3 major SEO steps are:

Keyword Research

  1. Know the Keyword Phrase that your target candidates typing in Google to find career and job information? Try to find out how many times that “exact phrases” are used in the search engines? Who are the other competitors are competing for those same phrases.
  2. The outcome of the above research will create the road map for the rest of your campaign. The Keyword research will tell you specifically what keywords your job seekers are using and how much work is needed to get your web page ranked in the Top 10 for those specific phrases.
  3. There are NO short-cuts here. Keyword Research plays a vital role for the rest of campaign. Either you may lose your targeted job seekers for various reasons. If you find an HR SEO vendor providing SEO without first providing keyword research, run! If you don’t know your target market, what could you possibly be optimizing for?

Create Keyword optimized Landing Pages

  1. Create or alter the exiting page for each keyword phrase that you want to optimize. Your recruiting message and vision will be slightly different for each type of candidate you are trying to hire. Your landing page information will vary for experienced professionals will be slightly different than your message for part-time seasonal employees.
  2. The different landing pages need to accomplish this, while creating continuity with your overall recruiting brand. When building these web pages there are several SEO fundamentals that the web design and copywriters will use.
  3. The landing pages should have 3 specific goals in mind
  • Optimized for a Top 10 ranking for that specific phrase
  • Building your company brand
  • Convert visitors to build a relationship with your company (ie, applying to jobs, signing up for job agents, signing up for newsletters)

Promoting and Marketing the landing pages

This is one of the most critical steps. When was the last time you visited page 2 or page 3 of a search engine result? If you are like most people, you vist page 2 probably less than 10% of the time. Therefore, once the landing pages are designed, you need a marketing plan to build authority to these pages, so they are highly ranked in the search engines. There are many was to do this, all of which take time, resources, and an HRSEO partner who has a proven track record of success. Building authority to these landing pages requires back links from lots of quality sites.


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