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Basic SEO Checklist for Websites

  1. SEO Friendly URLS / Simple URL Structure
    • Always try to have HTML URLs for the better and faster Search Engine Indexing
    • Do not use underscore (_) in any of the URLS. Instead always try to use Hyphen (-) in the URLs
    • Try to avoid displaying symbols in URLs – such as “?”, “+”, “&”, “$”, “=”, or “%”
    • Do not create page names in upper case or first letter in upper case. Always have the page name in lower case
    • Do not leave space in between two words, instead use Hyphen (-)
    • Try to place the most relevant keywords in the URLs
  2. Title and Meta Tags – if not keyword targeted try to have unique title and meta tags (description and keyword) for different pages of the website
  3. Page Content – try to have unique page contents for different pages of the website
    1. Do not use single content / part of a content in two different pages
  4. H1 Tags – Always try to use most relevant word in the H1 Tags as almost all the search engines are considering those words as the priority keyword for that particular page
  5. Hyperlink – place link with the titles and add relevant words in the title for the page it directs to
    1. Try to link some word in the content for the appropriate page. This will increase the internal link count for the website
    2. This will ensure that SE does not miss any page while crawling the website
  6. Alt Tags for images – always have an alternate text for any image that has been used in the website
  7. Check for broken links and 404 Error pages and remove those pages from the website
  8. Place Breadcrumbs for better navigation – this will help in both user and SE perspective
  9. Follow good navigation structure
  10. Place Google Analytics and Webmaster tools for faster indexing
  11. Develop Sitemap in HTML and XML format for User and SE respectively
  12. Follow 301 redirect wherever the redirects are necessary

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