Techniques Involved in Social Networking Optimization

Social Networking websites like Facebook, Linkedin, Orkut, Myspace, Twitter and etc. plays a huge role in generating traffic for your websites which in turn generates more business. With millions of people arriving in to these websites every day, there is no better place to promote your business online. The latest update made by Google, looks for fresh links and the links shared by more number of people in these social networking websites. It is clear that a search engine like Google looks in to these social networking websites for the fresh content.

How to go about social networking optimization? Is it enough just posting links in these websites? The answer is, it is not enough to just post links in social networking websites. Here are the processes to perform the SN optimization.

Create a Public Profile:

You might have your own profile in these social networking websites but getting business from your friends circle is very low.  Create a public profile to show that you are new to the website. When you do that, you got know more suggestions in finding more people to connect. Use good and attractive names to portrait you in these websites. You can either create Men/Women profile, but the women profiles are the one gets more attraction by the social networking website users.

Build a Network:

Once you have created the profile, it is time to build you network. It is important on how to go about in connecting with people in these websites. Here first thing you need to understand is about the products you offer, and who could be your targeted customers to buy your products online. You need to be really careful in demographic selection. Understand who the people falls under your niche are. Because, targeting set of users who do not fall in your niche can ruin your entire campaign.

Enable Trust with in your Network:

You have a profile and build a network of people whom you want to. It is time enable trust among these people who are there in your network. Try to show that you are not here to promote your business or products rather you are here to build a friend network. If the people in your network came to know that you are here to sell products then it is very difficult to get the exposure you want and to generate more business.

Post your Links:

Once you have enable trust within your network, it is time post some links which your network feels interesting. You cannot directly post your business links straight away. Once you attain a point where you get some clicks and comments for those links that you already posted you can consider that the time has come to post your business links in to your profile. Again you need to see the days interesting products that come under your niche and post the same. Use tiny URLs to ensure that the user does not look in to the same website every time. Add some sentence which briefly explains your products and this is the place where you can add your keyword for the search engine presence. Do not forget to add call to action when you post links. Ask for user to click in your links to get some offers, discounts, etc. which increases your sales online.

I have implemented these steps when I do social networking optimization. This is worth trying and if you think I have missed some points do not forget to mention it in the comments section so that others will benefit from that.


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