Real-time or Fresh Link, What Does that Mean?

Twitter, Buzz, Facebook, and etc. are what Google is looking for to get the latest news or information shared between the people. Google call those links as the fresh or real-time links. Google Caffeine, the latest search engine is all meant for fast indexing and it always looks for fresh links or we can say it as fresh content. News, videos, information shared between users in the social networking and media sites gathers more attention from Google.  
Google believes that this information shared between the users is more interesting and also considered to show it on the top of the search engine ranking.  Although you place links in these websites, Google expects certain number of visits for those links in order to consider showing it on the top. People used to doing article submission, press releases, directory submissions will have to take some turn from traditional SEO Link building technique to attain some fresh link building to attract more users and visits.
So by just placing link in social networking and media sites will help? No way, you need to convince the users that the link you have posted has some new and interesting content to view. Hence you need to attract more and more users to visit your link. That will help to grab the attention of Google and will help to rank your website on top of SERP. By speaking of social networking and media website you also need to choose the optimum sites for you to promote your website. It is just not go anywhere and post your link. So think wisely and make sure that you post Latest, New and updated information on these websites.

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