Psychological Myths to Increase Your Conversion

As conversion being the most fluent word in marketing, online business professionals are trying to found the best possible ways to increase it. One best possible way is Google Adwords, where business owners place their company’s ads in Google and trying to increase their business conversions.
Google Adword is the best Advertising technique to promote your business online. Setting up an Adword Account and running your Ads will not be enough to get profitable conversions. Need to ensure that user clicks on your ad and make a business through your website. For which we need to do something with user psychology.
Psychological triggers are a very powerful marketing tool. Psychological triggers are the measure of thoughts where people make a decision to visit your ad upon others or convert from a visitor to buyer. Every aspect of user psychological triggers should be established in your ad copy and landing pages.
Now, we will take a look at common psychological triggers that you can weave into your ad copy and landing pages.
Make People to feel a sense of Engagement
In real, people engage by picking up an item that they eye to buy it. Touch is a powerful form of an engagement. Make user feel the remote nature of the online experience. Look for ways you can create an engagement with the user like through your sales copy and item images.
Engagement is making the visitor feel a connection with what you’re selling. Put the visitor in the scene. Think about their existing experiences and link your product to them.
Greed is a pejorative term, but it is a human reality. We’re all a little greedy, just some are much more so than others. Your buyers are a little greedy, too.
Think about ways you can convince people they can get more for less by shopping with you.
Describe Authority
‘Huge, Excellent, Biggest, Best, Specialist’. All explains authority.
Let the user say all the above words after visiting your sales copy or landing page. User buys it off the seller who conveys a sense of authority. It’s a form of reassurance and especially important on the web where people can’t look behind the curtain.
Demonstrate Satisfaction
This is the classic “money back if not satisfied” guarantee.
After many case studies, offering user with some money back guarantee is a sure way in increasing your conversion rates. User will now feel safe to buy from your website and will be in no danger if they have made some mistakes. If you can reassure them it’s not possible to make a mistake at the point of sale, then this removes a major barrier to purchase.
Doing things at Right time, wrong place? Doing things at Wrong place, right time?
Timing is the major factor in the success of many products and services. Is this the right time to market what you have got? It is important to frame things as being “of now”. Many companies release yearly versions of products i.e. “updated for 2011!” in order to sound contemporary.
Consistency, Honesty and Integrity
Display your copy with Consistent, Honest and Integrity
Be honest in whatever you say to the user. If one statement you make is not true, then it tends to compromise entire integrity in everything else you do. Maintain good consistency when you sell the products, do not change the selling way in big deals for different products or services.
They are making offers consistent with the original purchase. The pitch has integrity because it’s related to the original purchase. It’s also a great point to provide extra value to the visitor, as Amazon often bundles offers together at a discount price.
Raise User’s Curiosity
Arouse curiosity.
This is very important to get the click-through. Play with the curiosity angle which becomes much more powerful when making any sales in your landing pages. Once the visitor has clicked through to your landing page, continue to arouse curiosity to keep them stay in the website.
Use a sense of urgency to get over the common buyer resistance point: “I’ll think about it”
Give reasons why the buyer should buy now rather than later. Create a notion of scarcity that user will miss something if they had not buy the product right now. Notion can used like limited period offer, minimum stock available, sales closes in 2 days, and something like that.
Make user feel that they are special.
Avail offers for everyone as if they are made exclusively for them. It may seem counter-intuitive to limit availability, but it can serve to drive up the price and make your product even more appealing.
Once you’ve identified people who buy on this psychological trigger, you can make them further exclusive offers on other products you sell.

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