ECommerce Trends – Visitors in to Customers

An SEO can be able to bring traffic to the website and make the website listed in the Top ranking of the Search Engines. More or less that will be the major goal of an SEO Analyst.

The major techniques that followed by an SEO Analyst are follows:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Page Title and other meta Tags
  • Content Optimization
  • Link Building (Article Submissions, Directory Submissions, etc…)
  • Alternate Text for all images and links
  • Navigation Structure

The above techniques will make sure that the site is more search engine friendly and also bring traffic to the website. There is some other optimization techniques should be followed to make the visitor, a customer.

Product Description:

Have a unique product description in the website and provide them as much information as can about the product. Good Description is vital to your success. Your content draws their attention and gets them to buy. Be clear in everything you write. Do not leave the visitor guessing or they will simply walk away. Do not be subtle or secretive. Visitors like to know what you are selling. They want information, so give it to them with your content. Readability also plays a vital role in making visitor to a customer. The time invested in generating your own content will have benefits in terms of brand building and customer retention.

Shopping Cart:

Features like add to cart and other shopping features help in getting sales. But it is very important that these features are easy for customers to navigate.

Navigation Structure:

Make your website easy to navigate and easy to understand. Do not use confusing set ups and a lot of technical jargon that will only confuse visitors. Too many clicks in the way will make people opt out of the buying decision.

Product photography:

Make sure that you show your product. Have pictures that really give a detailed look at your product. People are not going to buy something they do not get a chance to see. No photo could mean no sale and poor photos that require customers to make assumptions will have a negative impact on sales. So make sure you’ve got good quality images that your customers can enlarge.

Use targeted headlines

your headline is the one thing that holds the most power on your website. It must be strong or visitors will be quick to leave.

Avoid distractions

A visitor will quickly leave if nothing on your website grabs their attention. Remove any flashy banner ad or a flashing links on the product of the website. Any distraction will make the visitors leave the website and you never get the chance to sell.

Ask for the sale

It may seem like a given, but it doesn’t hurt to remind you that you have to ask for the sale. People respond much better when you simply ask them to buy your product.

Check out top sites

Look at what others are doing to keep visitors on their websites. Take a few tricks you learn and incorporate them into your website.

Make use of tools

Use some of the many website optimization tools out there on the market. These tools make using your website easy and help to enhance the whole experience for your visitors.

Make your website interesting

A boring website will drive people away faster than they can click their mouse. You want your website to be a place people want to be. Give them reasons to explore and stay on your website.

Highlight what you are selling

Put your products in the best light possible. Down play anything negative and back up positive things with facts and figures. Give them proof that your product is good.

Have sales and offers

The idea of saving money makes me want to look around. You should have regular sales and offers that people will not want to pass up. Make sure that you display sales and offers prominently so visitors see them right away.

Use email lists

Emails are a great way to bring people to your website. You want to send out offers and information that will make them want to look your website.

Be competitive

Make sure you know what is going on with your competition. You want your prices to be competitive with theirs and you do to want them to be drawing in your customers. If you suddenly see a change in your traffic flow then you know to go check out what your competition is doing because it is likely they are drawing them in somehow.


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